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OmarOwen is the inter-cultural art of wellbeing and transformation

"Imagine a hospitality experience that transcends the ordinary; a sanctuary where every stay becomes a transformative journey. Welcome to OmarOwen, where we redefine the art of hospitality by curating immersive cultural experiences and fostering holistic wellbeing. Our brand represents a harmonious blend of luxurious comfort and meaningful self-discovery, catering to the discerning travelers of today who seek more than just accommodation. With a focus on wellness, cultural immersion, and personal transformation, OmarOwen offers a profound escape from the mundane, inviting you to explore the depths of your soul while indulging in the richness of local traditions.


Join us on a transformative odyssey where every moment is an opportunity to unearth the extraordinary within you. OmarOwen - Your Path to Holistic Wellbeing and Cultural Immersion."

OmarOwen embodies the inter-cultural art of wellbeing and transformation through seven distinct foundations, each offering a unique path to total transformation.

Each foundation represents a distinctive journey toward transformation, allowing you to choose your path and embrace the unique experiences that resonate with your personal growth and wellbeing goals. OmarOwen is where transformation begins, and the sense of belonging is as profound as the individual journeys themselves.


These foundations are:


Experience: Embark on a journey of introspection and guidance to discover your true purpose. Engage in sessions and readings that delve into self-discovery, life purpose, and personal direction. Ancient Wisdom: Ancient zodiac wisdom converges with the essence of your birth, DNA, and unique perspective to unearth your personal human design chart, your sacred roadmap to finding your destiny. Guidance: Practice your luck to enhance self-awareness and gain clarity about your life's paths. Lectures of the universe provide understanding and guidance.


Experience: Nurture a positive mindset through creative expression across the seven arts. Participate in creative masterclasses and art workshops led by local artists and international professionals. Artistic Community: Join the university of talents that nurture your artistic abilities and provide space for creative exploration. Collaboration: Engage in collaborative art projects that connect you with fellow guests and local artists, fostering creativity and collaboration.


Experience: Immerse yourself in the fusion of Eastern and Western wellness practices through spa treatments, yoga, and meditation. Restore balance to your body and soul. Nutritional Wellness: Expand your health through world cuisine and nutritional regimes that nourish the body and mind. Holistic Healing: Dive into traditional healing treatments, Turkish baths, salt scrubbings, herbal wrappings, and holistic therapies that rejuvenate and uplift. 

Spiritual Connection: Explore spiritual practices that connect individuals with their inner selves and higher purpose.


Experience: Reconnect with the natural world through guided nature walks, forest explorations, and encounters with wildlife in diverse landscapes. Healing Power: Explore the healing properties of hot springs, natural waterfalls, herbal bathing, and botanical tea ceremonies. Environmental Awareness: Environmental well-being considers the impact of the external environment on health, fostering a deep appreciation for the world around us.


Experience: Immerse yourself in a vast library of wisdom, history, and untold stories of life. Engage with local cultures and traditions to gain insights into their heritage and philosophies. Intellectual Exploration: Explore the deep philosophical and historical knowledge preserved in archives, fostering lifelong learning and intellectual growth.

Cultural Enrichment: Intellectual well-being involves curiosity and expanding one's knowledge base, encouraging stimulating mental activities and a broadened perspective.


Experience: Deepen your practice of yoga and mindfulness in serene surroundings, amplifying the transformative power of these practices.

Personal Growth: Expand your consciousness, achieve inner peace, and connect with your higher self through personal transformation workshops.

Emotional Intelligence: Acknowledge and manage emotions effectively, fostering healthy relationships and emotional well-being.


Experience: Connect with the wisdom of ancient civilizations through the exploration of historical artifacts and immersive experiences. Nomadic Traditions: Immerse yourself in the traditions, rituals, and nomadic way of life through guided journeys and interactions with local tribes. Transcendent Exploration: Explore the profound through medicinal cacao and ayahuasca ceremonies, unlocking the doors of your soul and connecting with the deeper source of life.

These seven foundations form the DNA of any OmarOwen hospitality site, serving as guiding principles in creating immersive and transformative experiences for guests. Within these hideaways, guests will discover
havens where they can connect with the local cultural heritage and engage with a community of luminaries and creatives. It is a space where they can share their own journeys and creativity, inspiring and learning from one another. Through spiritual connections and collaborative efforts, the ultimate goal is to co-create a new world that embraces unity, creativity, and personal growth.

OmarOwen embodies a visionary approach to the inter-cultural art of wellbeing, representing the essence of a bohemian explorer who skill-fully curates extensive global experiences which invite you to truly attune to you and your journey. This captivating hospitality concept is designed to offer a transformative experience for travellers.

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